West Marches

Escorting Roja [400 xp]

A ruinous adventure

The Martel brothers needed some dependable help to escort a Netherese expert to site of a Netherese ruin in the wastes of the Outlands. The youngest one (who’s name escapes me) went to the Copper Ram to recruit adventurers for this task, said adventurers having built a reputation for some kind of dependability.

The interested parties appeared the next day at the mercantile house to find them in preparation for a significant expedition. There was one huge armored wagon drawn by two enormous dray horses and a smaller supply wagon. The middle brother, the accountant, was there fretting over the cost of the venture, but was polite enough when he realized ‘the help’ was here.

The company was introduced to Beth Roja, the brother’s Netherese expert. She was enthusiastic and quite pleasant, but seemed entirely unsuited for the rigors of traveling in the wastes. Fortunately, she would be riding in the wagon. In addition two teamsters/diggers accompanied to tend the horses and wagons.

There was some dickering over the contract, but ultimately it was agreed that each member of the company would receive 2 gp plus 1lb of salt meat and 1lb of travel biscuits per day. In addition, each would receive an equal share of one half of any treasure discovered at the site, Netherese artifacts excluded (this last was something of a sticking point for Lagron). The expedition was expected to take six weeks and the contract only allows for eight weeks of payment. Should things go longer, Roja is authorized to renegotiate the contract.

The expedition set out under fair weather and good spirits. Several days of travel skirting between the Golden Wood and the Rusk Mountains followed with little worth mentioning.

On the 5th(??) day of travel Lark, acting as outrider, spotted a broken wagon in the road and informed the company. We investigated when a boy sprang from the wagon, dashing off into the woods and calling for his Pa. A roar erupted from the woods and immediately a huge brown bear and cub came crashing through the woods. The behavior of the bear seemed odd to several members of the company. Thus, while poised to attack or defend, the company refrained from action for a critical few moments. Both Lagron and Riverthorne called out in parley and, given a moment to survey the situation, the bear transformed back into a man.

It seems that the man and boy (names!) are native born shape changers. They were traveling to town for supplies when their wagon broke. Grateful for help they apologized for their reaction. They generally are wary of strangers.

But suddenly, boars came crashing out of the woods! Not just boars, but wereboars intent on killing the friendly werebear family! The party took to arms and in a tense battle put the vile creatures down. Several were wounded and Greyson received an infected wound that transferred the curse of lycanthropy to him!

The werebear took him aside to discuss the situation with him and he decided to accept the offer of a medicine that could stave off the curse. Fortunate since the full moon was that very night. Greyson suffered several long nights as the curse battled the medicine in his body. For now he still seems to be himself. Hopefully we can get the curse removed soon.

Lark and Riverthorne tracked down the wereboars encampment and we looted it. They were richly laid. We think they were going to bribe local malcontents and bandits.

We took:

  • 200 gp in assorted coins – divided equally among the company
  • A Staff of the Python – given to Riverthorne
  • An instrument of the Bard – given to Lagron
  • A +1 Maul – given to Kirk
  • An Amulet of Adaption – given to Lark, but traded to Greyson for his Cloak of Elvenkind

The Party



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