West Marches

Escorting Roja - Part 2 [600 XP]

The company proceeded several days with little incident to the elvish outpost. It was a small compound of one large extended family of elves inside an earth and wood palisade, they were friendly enough, if a bit stand-offish, as is the nature of elves. We resupplied and exchanged news. They warned of increased Orc activity.

They did not allow us to stay inside the wall, but provided a sturdy guest house nearby. We bedded down for the night and Temic took first watch. Only a few hours after dark cries of alarm could be heard from folks running in the darkness. A band of outlanders were being run down by orcs and wargs.

The company was roused and while the elves did not open their gates, the outlanders fled to the company’s fire. Several were cut down before they reached us, including women and children. A furious melee ensued with the company and the 10 orcs and a similar number of wargs. The enemy were defeated and five of the outlanders saved. Lark took off tracking the one escaping orc and warg.

Lark tracked them until morning when the Orc returned to a large encampment of several thousand orcs of many tribes. As that was happening the bulk of the company, with the help of the elves, were rendering aid to the outlanders and helping them burn their dead.

When Lark returned she informed the elves of the threat and they packed and immediately fled. It was determined that the company should also continue moving. (Despite it being obvious that staying within the palisade would have been the smartest move).

Several tense days later we had a run in with a young blue dragon. It swooped down in the night, blasting one of the dray horses with lightning and eating it. Lagron, who knows the language of dragons, parlayed with it and it took the carcass off with no further incident. Fortunately deRoja brought spare horses.

A band of outlanders met on the move later indicated there was a ancient blue somewhere in the wastes and that she had a large brood of children that terrorized that place.

Roja had been following a magical lodestone since the elf enclave and suddenly one day she announced we were at the spot. A blank expanse of sandy wasteland. She produced a rod and stuck it in the ground. With a rumbling hiss, the sand began to part. Over several minutes the sand shifted away making an enormous hole and finally uncovering the wall of a stone building.

The wall contained a stone door and all of it was magnificently carved in sophisticated bas relief. Unfortunately, the marking were orcish, over a thousand years old by Kirk’s reckoning. deRoja was furious as she was expecting a Netherese ruin. We Kirked the door open to reveal an ancient temple to Grumsh the One-Eye. It seemed empty and foreboding. Still, we had traveled far and investigated. Spreading out through the place Lagron and deRoja became engaged with their artistry and implications of the wall carvings, while other members of the company were searching for loot and trouble.

Trouble they found. When Kirk and Temic entered a room with a mysterious well the temple guardians came to life. Four of the orc bas reliefs in the main chamber housed shadows which emerged and began to attack Lark, Lagron and deRoja. Four suits of armor animated in the armory and clanked down the hall to menace Greyson. Kirk and Temic roused the ire of a shadow dragon. It was a desperate fight, the company scattered. In the end we prevailed with no casualties. However deRoja refused to return to the temple thereafter.

With the defenders dispatched , a further search of the temple revealed aught else, aside from a glowing spear found in the depths of the well. It did not detect as magic, but was later determined to only glow a dull red in the presence of elves. Determined to be a cursed thing, Temic took it in his care to see to its destruction or safekeeping.

We returned to Mund with only minor adventure. The Martel’s were furious at the utter failure of the expedition, but as the company was blameless in this we were paid the balance of our contract; 50 go each.


  • Our pay, 50 gp each – divided among the company
  • Spear of Grumsh – in Temic’s keeping

The Party



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