West Marches

Slavers in the Dark Wood, Part 2 [350 XP]

Lark scouts what appears to be a temple. Since the route we were taking was bad, she volunteered to scout out a better one. Lagran agreed to go with her. They scout for a better one, when they spot a figure with a light out ahead. This turns out to be an armed and armored human, followed by two more people. They appear to be actively looking for someone, and are upset with their Captain for “putting up” with something, possibly a missing person.

A minute or so later, they spot another figure with a light further out in the woods. That light isn’t heading in the same direction.

Meanwhile, one of the search parties comes across the rest of the party. Combat ensues. Whitestaff and Greyson take down the first two guys, and the third runs back into the woods, but Whitestaff runs him down. As he takes the last guy down, Lark and Lagran find him.

The group takes their two living prisoners back into the woods a ways for an old-fashioned questioning. Acton, the guard, says that another member of the company, Lessen, is missing, along with one of the captives. He worked for a mercenary company hired to guard some sort of “research expedition” at the supposed temple.

We move around to the back of the complex, where Acton told us the way up was easier. The temple is old, but not ancient. It was originally dedicated to Dellad, the God of Knowledge, but it has clearly been abandoned, being only a few centuries old. Lagran thinks it may have been a library she read about once.

Lark and Whitestaff sneak towards one of the buildings. It turns out to be a crypt, probably filled with the devotees of Dellad, definitely converted from an ancient Netherese building. The entire place feels weird.

We head to one of the other buildings, and Whitestaff picks a lock. We find the remains of the old Library, but unfortunately the books appear to have all been ruined. Lagran is sad. We come across a couple of stuck doors, and then see an ugly gargoyle. That moves. Because it’s a devil. It asks us if we are escapees (which it’s ordered to capture) or intruders (which it’s ordered to kill). Whitestaff says “Escapees.” Lagran says “Neither.” After a tough fight, we kill it.

Someone was weeping behind the next door, so we decide we have to break it open. Whitestaff picks another lock, still aglow with Lagran’s approval. Lagran pulls the door open.

The giant statue of Dellad has been beheaded. A woman in robes with a couple of assistants are prepping a naked man for sacrifice. We took out the leader-woman and the acolytes in the room, but not before she managed to call her guards. Three popped in and gasped at their Mistress’s corpse. Lagran spiked the other door shut.

Among her notes is a comment that she’s running low on funds and will need to get more from “the Circle.”

We released the prisoner, who was the merchant who went missing bringing Lagran’s master’s box.

We had to leave the chain devil in the temple, since we currently have no means to either kill it or send it back home. For now, we’ve fallen back to the farmhouse to get some rest and clothes for our merchant friend.


  • Scroll of Acid Spray
  • Scroll of True Strike
  • Potion of Healing
  • Gold Ring (25 gp)
  • Platinum Necklace (25 gp)
  • 150 GP
  • 500 SP
  • (4) 50 GP gems
  • (2) 25 GP gold collars
  • Signet ring of the House of Mundi
  • Encyclopedia on devils and the hells

The Party

DM Credit


There is also a potion of healing. I found two, but only kept one. Thank you for keeping the logs btw!


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