West Marches

Slavers in the Dark Woods, Part 3 (400xp)

Lark, Kirk, Greyson and Lagran returned to the abandoned temple as Whitestaff and Riverthorn escorted Jamas back to Mundi.

On the way to the temple, the party heard a melody piping through the forest, but avoided whoever was playing the tune.
Upon arrival to the temple, 4 cultists were discovered hung in the barn.
The devil is still within the pentagram.
The residential area in the temple showed signs of a fight – blood everywhere, 2 cultists bodies were found sliced open. The basement area is of Netherese make.
We made our way to the basement and fought 4 5 wargs, Lagran went down. 3 wargs were killed, 1 ran away. Riverthorne killed one by herself.
Riverthorn rejoined the party was there the entire time.
Further investigation revealed the base of the crystal tree and a room where a stone door blocks the exit. The door is of the same material as the temple to Delllab and there is magic barrier on the door.
Investigation of the ossuary reveals a lower level more extensive area filled with bones from the Netheril era. 6 skeletons came out of the walls to attack us. We defeated them.
Two sarcaphogi with names in Netherese. One guarded by a shadow like figure and 2 skeletons. Defeated them and left the temple.
(quantum collapse edits)

6 silver neck torques (10 gp each)
18 gp
wood box with 1000sp
2 silver arm cuffs (25 gp each)
3 silver tipped javelins
2 shortswords
2 chainmail

Greyson Najin
Lagran Escriber
Trimyra “Riverthorn” Timrik

GM Credit
Jaspar Evensong d’Castilla y’Marischala



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