West Marches

Spiders in the Tower [350 xp]

Jaspar and his halfling valet, Motte, come into the Ram and get their finest (normal) room and best (cheap) wine. Quill had a quiet drink at the bar. Ziya strode in and checked the board. Sebastian came in for a drink.

Daera the Sage posted a slip of paper on the board. Everyone decides to take care of her bounty on the spiders in the tower. After listening to Jaspar grump for the evening, we join Daera at her house to meet the two men-at-arms provided by the baron and head off.

A half-mile or so from the ruined keep, we hear screams. Running toward the source, we find some townsfolk being wrapped up by giant spiders. We take most of them out, but Quill is seriously injured.

After that, Quill and Ziya (as a dire wolf) find a hole going into the old sewer system, which is oddly full of (icky) water. Since spider tracks were on the ceiling, we went down there, but got accosted by a water weird, which drowned Quill. Fortunately, we killed it and Sebastian revived her.

After a short rest, some of the locals showed us to a hole in an old warehouse, which led to a small alcove, which led to a cave, which held a white wyrmling. After killing the dragon (Quill was unharmed), we talked to a drow druid who was saddened at its demise, but informed us of an ettercap in the ruins above. He asked us to keep the Sons of Man out of the tunnels, and turned into a giant spider to walk away.

The warehouse is adjacent to the old keep and the tunnels are part of the old keep basement construction.


  • 100 GP
  • 1050 SP
  • 7 gems (50 gp each)
  • Dagger of the War-Mage (also arcane focus +1) – given to Quill
  • Hat of Disguise – given to Quill
  • Two spider fangs
  • Five spider poison glands
  • One white dragon wyrmling hide (Ziya wants to make hide armor from it)

The Party

DM Credit

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