West Marches

The Baron's an Ass (350 xp)

The Baron summons us to his court at dinnertime. While walking through the gallery, we notice that one of the pictures is of the cult leader we got rid of earlier. Apparently, she was the Baron’s sister. People from town know she left Bridgetown to go to University in Ulster years ago.

The Baron mentions the orcs that have been accosting travelers of late. Then he says the young Queen, recently crowned, has lifted the house arrest of Lord Simian Astrella. He asked us to go to his estate in the Golden Wood, deliver a writ explaining this to His Apeness, and escort him back to Bridgetown.

The next morning, we head out. Jaspar is somewhat hung over. We start heading out the road into the Golden Wood. Lark finds a burned-out orc village strewn with banners (sable, an axe gules). From the remains of the battle, it looks like the attackers had decent equipment. The male corpses had been defiled, and there weren’t a lot of female corpses.

Our first night out, an owlbear attacked. The fighters take it down in short order, and Whitestaff tracks it back to its lair. Lark harvests owlbear bits for later.

We get to Lord Simian’s tea plantation without further incident. He agrees to go so long as we’ll take his family, too. He then shows us decent maps of the region with the locations of Goremaul Bloodaxe’s camps. Riverthorn makes copies to show Lagran later. Jasper grabs a few new (to him) novels. We are offered a stash of Astrella tea.

Lark spies an orcish raiding party on its way to our location. We send the lord and his entourage ahead and prepare to meet the orcs at the defensible keep. We murdered them and delivered the lord and his entourage to the Baron.


  • 200 gp each

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