West Marches

Rock Candy Mountain

The treasure ended up being 750 GP each in various coins and gems.

Magic items:
Potion of animal friendship
Oil of slipperiness
Cap of Water Breathing

Quill takes a Field Trip
(Brings these yahoos along for grins and giggles)

Quill wants to visit a scholar in Carcosa: Rafi El’Zedeh to talk about planar stuff and the death swamp. We teleport to the Carcosan capital and do some shopping. All the women buy clothes from a nice gnomish woman; Kirk is seen to by a Dragonborn tailor.

Quill meets Rafi to ask about the Abyssal rift in the swamp. He finds some information and agrees to trade it for an expedition to a vault set up by the mage who originally deduced the shape of the planar wheel. He wants a game board, pieces, and any writings found inside.


Quill loses her Mark - 3000 XP

Quill loses her mark –
In the town of Mund, an ultroloth delivers a message and Orcus has invested a new champion. As the players consider their option – a farmer dies in the night which the players assume is from the succubus that delivered a message.

The players head to Ulster will all due speed and encounter Lord Ani in the Stone Pig public house. He asks Quill to leave the plane, and conflict, by threatening to infect Ulster with mummy rot. So Quill decides to shoot him in the face with magic missiles.

Cullen, Jasper, Tranquility, and Aela engage the champion in the streets of Ulster. Many of the patrons are driven insane in the conflict as the adventurers attack the mummy lord, armed with the Wand of Orcus. The champion drives Cullen to his knees and nearly kills Jasper before he is taken down by the combined efforts of the group. He turns to dust and the wand falls. Quill picks up the wand and is then visited by Graz’zt who takes the wand and removes Quill’s mark. Ulster spends a night under the madness of Graz’zt and the party helps to mitigate the effects. In the morning, the party and all of the temples in town address the issue of mummy rot. The adventures are then asked to debrief the Queen before being allowed to return.

In a side note: The Queen is sending an Inspector-Captain to find out what the Baron is doing and 100 men to reinforce the garrison of Mund who are directly under her command via Sir Wendall the Miller’s son, her newest knight.

3000 XP
1000 GP
3 potions of superior healing
1 potion of dimunation

The Pirates of Snake-tooth Isle (19,200 xp)

Posted total xp for all 4 sessions.

"Portal Leads to Cranky Wizard in Shadowfell" (4000 xp)

Ehlonna’s in a dark void with blobby shapes and her evil sword. The evil sword wants her to destroy the sun sword. Quill fails to torture the Rakshasa’s true name out of the fallen angel, so lets her go; she doesn’t want to have to deal with the angel at the same time as Graazt.

Ehlonna gathers the group to go to the Darkwood to look for the place to do the ritual the sword wants her to do. We find a Netherese-ish ruin. Quill spies upon the place magically, and sees lizardmen searching the place. We don’ think lizardmen can see in the dark, so we wait until nightfall. Ehlonna and Cullen sneak to the campsite to see if the lizardmen are asleep.

After scouting the place out, Quill decides to go full Scooby-Doo villain and pretend to be the voice of an unseen god to scare them all off. That doesn’t work, because they summon their lord, a dragon. We kill the black dragon; Cullen deals the finishing blows. Cullen gets some dragon hide; Bodhi cooks some dragon meat.

We break into the vault, which turns out to be a crypt. Quill activates a portal. Ehlonna, Bodhi, and Riverthorn go through it to a room with stairs going up outside. A friendly-sounding voice expresses surprise at the portal still working. Abernathy doesn’t want to piss off Black Mattie or her sister(s), but he’s willing to help Ehlonna in exchange for some of her life force.

After helping Ehlonna destroy the sunblade, the black blade appears and theoretically gives her more power. Then Abernathy tells his armored guys to kill us. We make it past them and return through the portal. Bodhi la


  • Enough black dragon hide for a medium or light suit of armor (Cullen)
  • 100 gp amber gem
  • (2) 100 gp amythyst
  • (2) 100 gp carved coral
  • 100 gp garnet
  • (2) 100 gp jet
  • 100 gp pearl
  • (20) +2 arrows
  • 700 cp
  • 7000 sp
  • 3500 gp
  • 120 pp
  • Glaive – haft is staff of binding – use wand of binding stats
  • Second Chance Stone – requires attunement and embedding into chest – absorbs 1 hit die (largest type if multiclass) – once per long rest, will take you to 1 HP if you drop to 0
  • Darkblade – sunblade with dimness instead of light (Ehlonna)

Player Characters

Underdark Adventures (

We head to the fungi cavern looking for the rakshasa. We’re not sure where he and his lover live, so we look for the myconid village to ask the locals about the pair of them. We meet Clarissa, a friendly gnomish spore druid who attended the same university as Jasper. She gives us a copy of her research notes and asks us to take it to the university; we’re also allowed to make as many copies as we’d like. She guides us close to the rakshasa’s cavern, warns us of traps at the entrance, and leaves with Motte and our pack lizards.

We manage to take down the rakshasa and his fallen angel lover. Quill gets the command word for the cage, and lets the drow priestess out. She books it.

Vampire Invasion, Part II (3500 xp)
Into the Underdark?

Quill explained the situation with the Demon Champion Quickening.

We gather our things to head into the Underdark after the vampire lord that caused the town problems. We’re given all the healing potions in town and loaned the Baron’s Rope of Mending.

We go to the “dwarven” town. Lagran bargains for riding lizards and fancy mushrooms. Kirk gets his pocket picked, but catches the gnome who did it. Said gnome claimed to work for House Elviers. A local guard recommends we get a drink at the Emerald Nugget.

The actual champion, stuck in the cage, tells us a few things:

  1. Orcus has split his mark between a vampire and a lich.
  2. Orcus has taken the drow city to the south. Demogorgon will probably take care of that eventually, but it will probably take years.
  3. Demogorgon has been switching his mark from one baddie to another.
  4. The Rakshasa we fought serves the champion of Orcus. Its base was in a fungi cavern.
  5. Grazzt has a court set up.


  • Silver container of tobacco
  • Bottle of fortified wine
  • Fancy “bird” cage demon prison
Vampire Invasion, Part I (5000 xp)

We can’t figure out who should take the Hand of Vecna, but that’s ok, because cultists steal it. Oops.

We’re celebrating our official charter at the Copper Ram when Tranquility doubles over in pain as her mark goes visible and starts to smoke. Then swarms of rats and bats attack patrons in the common room. Then a couple of vampires show up. The feral one is ganked, but the master vampire (originally a half elf with a great sword), turns to mist and flies off in the direction of the ruined keep.

We head to the keep to find and kill it, learning that the squatters in that area are being attacked in the process. At the keep, we find a handful of vampire spawn in front of the gate to the Underdark that the baron has been renovating. We’re attacking them when a drow vampire drops fire on us. We end up taking out four spawn, but two spawn by the gate and the drow half-elf escape. Kirk opens the door that the baron put in to barricade the tunnel into the underdark, and we find the contingent of the baron’s men that was guarding the tunnel has been slaughtered.

We send words to the town so that the clerics can keep the slaughtered soldiers from becoming vampires themselves.

Quill gets a message from the demon that marked her that Orcus is trying to kill him. He apologizes for the inconvenience.

The town will provision us for an expedition into the Underdark. The Spider Druid of Mt. Rusk gives us the teleportation sigil for a dwarven town in the Underdark.

Player Characters

Ulster Conclave, Part II (4800 xp)

We open on Anne’s goodwill trip to the hospital. Riverthorn, Lark, and Kirk are with her; Ehlonna and Jasper are heading that way.

Lagran stays with Girard’s party, but they also head towards the burned ward. Lagran notices that Kestrel is nervous, so she chats the girl up to find out why. Kestrel tries to pass it off as a mere dislike for politics… badly. Girard tells his party to hurry up and takes them on an intercept course for Anne’s route. Lagran drops the pretense and asks Girard what’s up; he admits that he has reason to believe that Anne will be attacked and wants to be the one to save the day.

Ehlonna catches up with Anne’s group just in time to see a bunch of thugs attempt an ambush. There were two groups of thugs, and a wizard somewhere. The first group of thugs was dispatched within seconds. Lagran hit the second group (and Ehlonna) with a confuse spell.

We murder three groups of bandits, take down the fanatical spell-slinger that led them, and Girard’s group teleports the princess out of there without either Lagran or his half-orc buddy. The half-orc admits that Girard’s intention was to abduct the princess back to his own lands to “convince” her to marry him. Before the Vecna symbol incinerates the caster, she lets slip that her intention was not to kill the princess. Girard must be working with the Vecnoids.

(Previously, Girard had gone into hell for some paladin mission or another; he came back changed.)

While we rest and find a mage to take us to Girard’s lands, the half-orc says that he blames Girard’s confessor for the plan; apparently after the priest healed his missing hand, Girard’s personality changed. The priest and squire are definitely baddies. Kestrel and the other one probably aren’t. Girard is probably a baddy, but might be okay after we kill the priest. The carcosan ambassador loans us her indentured mage, because they had given Girard documents which produce a Ceremony ritual that can be cast on an unwilling person.

We teleport, and unfortunately Girard’s company has active brain cells; there’s a cage around the circle and a bunch of guys hidden in the unhallowed Netherese temple nearby. The guards open fire. Kirk blows the cage out with his Ring of the Ram.

The Hand of Vecna turned Girard evil. He tried to kill Anne after Ehlonna killed the priest, but hit Kestrel instead. This drove him nuts, and he felled Jasper. He was killed shortly after.

Anne was crowned queen. The half-orc and Kestrel got leniency (though the half-orc has to turn himself in to get it). The rest of Girard’s former retinue has been declared outlaw.


  • Hand of Vecna
  • 1200 gp
  • Sunblade (Ehlonna)
  • Javelin of lightning (Kirk)
  • Goggles of the Night (Kaimi, via Lagran)
  • Amulet of Nondetection (Lark)
  • Adamant Breastplate (Ehlonna)
  • Staff of Withering, intelligent, devoted to Vecna (destroyed)
  • Great Axe of Giant Killing (Kirk)
  • Royal Charter making our adventuring company a guild (also maybe land)
Ulster Conclave, Part I
Long live the future queen.

We recieve a letter from someone who wants us to keep a woman from getting beheaded. This might be the princess (and potential future queen), but I can’t be sure because someone was rattling dice while Dave was talking. I also don’t know who sent the letter. If someone else could modify this section to clarify, I would appreciate it. Also, please stop rattling dice while the GM’s talking, especially if the GM is Dave. His voice is too damned quiet as it is. I really cannot make out what anyone’s saying if there’s a lot of extraneous noise.

Ok, it turns out Dave was good and put the letter on the forums. I was right. Thank you for that, Dave.

Lord Astrella purchased a boat passage for us to get to Ulster in a reasonable amount of time. One night, the barge runs aground due to bandits (they summoned a water elemental to push the barge). They bandits ask us to give them our stuff. The bandits are not very smart. Most of them, however, are smarter than their leaders, because they ran away. We murdered their caster (whose master destroyed his body), but left their captain alive to face justice.

Lagran heals a bunch of the crew, so we only lose a couple of people, but the barge needs repairs before we can go underway. The warlock was carrying, among other things, a sending stone. The captain, once he wakes up, says that the caster had hired his group. The caster followed the Silent Chorus, a cult devoted to Vecna.

After the repairs, we make our way to Cyr Durant, the capital of Ulster, which is in a staggering amount of disarray given that the War was 30 years ago. The castle, however, still has its defenses against teleportation and flying magic intact.

We have a large ball where the group tries to raise Anne and demote Percival in the eyes of the nobles.

The next day, Ehlonna makes contact with the underworld to get their support for Anne. There’s a gnomish clockmaker in Cyr Durant who is highly regarded by the local underworld. Jasper talks to the Carcosan delegation to see who they’re for. He fails in that, but finds out that the ambassador is looking for Vecna cultists/artifacts; she’s part of an order that destroys Vecna’s organs when they pop up. Lagran hooks up with Girard’s group to find out where they stand, and maybe influence Girard towards being one of Anne’s advisors.

We stop with Anne about to make a goodwill gesture at a hospital for the poor in the burned ward.


  • 100 gp each
  • 500 gp
  • Dagger +1
  • Sending Stone
  • 25 gp
  • 100 gp
  • 200 gp (reward for the bandit captain)



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