West Marches

Slavers in the Dark Wood, Part 1 [150XP]

The party has opted to set up an ambush to catch the slavers along the Dark Road. With two weeks until showtime, we set up in the Copper Ram to discuss plans. Lagran arranges for Martell to ship the box recovered last week to her master.

In the meantime, an outlandish-looking dwarf man with a giant maul comes in and orders an ale. We end up allowing him to join us in the hunt for slavers.

Three days out on the road, we run into a Dragonborn tradesman from Carcosa. He had run into some goblins, but a single guard drove them off. He also mentioned the possibility of weather trouble.

On the fifth day, we finally reach the Dark Road and head north. We start looking for the rock shaped like a bird, to no avail. We decide to turn back, staying along the road.

While searching for our landmark, Lark comes across a simply enormous oak tree, draped with decorative jewelry-type chains from some eons past. She checks out the tree, but it appears natural.

Eventually, Lark finds a clearing with a flagstone that has a carved phoenix on it. The rest of the group joins her. There are but a few days left until the full moon. Since that’s not enough time to get to town and back, we decide to set up camp at the abandoned farm we had cleared out before.

After a few days (the highlight of this time period is a stag hunt), we head back to the flagstone’s clearing. Lagran recognizes the flagstone’s sigil from one of her books on Netheril. Lark finds a trail that gets used occasionally that leads back to the road quite a ways off and another chained tree.

Riverthorn talks to a crow, who refers to Shiny Men, Men who Smell of Beasts and Disease, and a Bear Man who hasn’t been there a while. Lark thinks the Bear Man is probably a druid.

We set up a trap. Riverthorn calls herself Smoke and pretends to be the new seller. Kirk makes like a guard, and Lagran and Whitestaff pretend to be slaves. They are really bad at it; the bad guys don’t fall for it.

After a brief fight (where Faerie Fire was a great help), we capture Abon. He refuses to talk, but we find a signet ring marking him as a Vecna worshipper. Lagran gets him to extoll on his philosophy a bit, but it’s not much helpful.

Lark and Kirk tracked Abon’s party back to what we assume is a temple.

cloak of elven kind (Greyson)
iron lockbox (200gp)
27 gp
shields (3)
chainmail (2)
shortswords (3)

The Party



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