West Marches

Save the Bruckmans, Part 2 [675 xp]

We open with the party discussing options. Jasper offers to kill a dozen goblins singlehandedly. We briefly consider parleying, perhaps with a possibility of getting the baron to ransom the Bruckmans, but that plan is scuttled because the baron is a jerk and these goblins are weird.

Jasper loudly declares that “We want the people,” and promptly misses all the goblins with a fire bolt. Whitestaff face palms, and Kirk runs in to do battle with a group that has stone for their left arms, hand to elbow. It turns out when he smashes them with his maul, they sound like both flesh and stone breaking as their stone bits shear off and rattle across the floor. At the end of the fray, one goblin is left alive to question.

The goblin says they took the farmers to see if they would turn to stone in their temple. Lagran takes some of the glass teeth out of the goblin corpses “for SCIENCE!” Kirk takes some for aesthetics, but his are still attached to the head.

The next cave is made of the same white stone that infected the goblins, but has been carved to suggest tiles. Kirk recognizes this as what the dwarves term First Age Netherese architecture, but it looks as though it was completed within days, not millenia. The double door to the temple lay beyond. He bashes the wall with his maul. The mark it leaves fades within moments. To Riverthorn’s eyes, the doorway is covered in magic. She sees a pulse of magic burst from the door through the cave, but it’s gone before she can identify it.

The door to the temple swings open easily. There’s a light, a giant yuan-ti (hopefully a) statue, and a lovely chandelier emitting pleasant incense smoke. Jasper tossed off a fire bolt at the statue, which did not move but did repair itself. There’s a circle inlaid on the floor. In the next room, we find a goblin embedded into the floor up to his waist.

Eventually, we open a door to the sounds of goblins splashing and talking in what appears to be a bathing room. Grayson charges in and kills one. Kirk throws an axe into the face of the other. The bath is self-cleaning. The next door we open reveals an uncarved stone wall. It looks like the temple complex is growing.

We finally find the throne room. There’s three stony goblins, an almost-completely-stone hobgoblin merged into a throne. The Bruckmans are tied to pillars. We dispatch the goblins and hobgoblin and free the Bruckmans, who have not started turning to stone. During the fight, another magic pulse radiated out from the snake head. Once the snake head is put into its case, the magic in the walls starts to fade and some of the corridors melt back into the natural stone.

We ask the goblin where the head came from. He said the chair-god (the hobgoblin) brought it. He had been a part of another group and had brought it to the goblin’s cave to study it.

We take the Bruckmans back to their farm, where we all rest and bury the dead. Brody gives us hugs when we get back to town. We have pies for life.


  • 600 gp in random coin
  • 110 Netherese gold pieces (worth more than regular gp to the right buyer)
  • (6) gems worth 50 gp each
  • (7) Netherese art objects worth 25 gp each
  • Potion of Hill Giant Strength (given to Kirk)
  • Potion of Greater Healing (given to Whitestaff)
  • Gold Netherese glass Goggles of Night (match the glass of the long sword, given to Grayson)
  • Glass long sword +1, Netherese style (given to Grayson)
  • Snake head bust (it was attached to the throne and bears a resemblance to Riverthorn’s staff of the python, Lagran has it)
  • Netherese chest
  • Empty lined chest of unfamiliar metal, made to hold the snake head bust (Lagran has it)



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