West Marches

Save the Bruckmans, Part I [250 XP]

We are in Mundy, going about our daily business. (Jasper was going on about his sister.) Roundabout dinner time, one of the town guard comes in trailing a 10 year old kid of average dirtiness. Brody Bruckman (the kid) came in because something attacked his family’s farm. Since the Bruckmans make the best blueberry pie for leagues around, we agree to take dinner to go. Brody doesn’t know exactly what happened; someone/thing left his front door ajar and his family was simply gone.

Fortunately, Grayson knows where we should go, so we head down the south road to find the farm. It’s easy to find. The first sign of habitation we find is a dead cow. We hear a loud thumping from the barn. Kirk checks out the house while the rest of us check out the barn.

The group in the barn find some dead goblins. Then we find displacer beasts: one inside the barn and one outside. Jasper immediately tries to set the barn on fire. After a brisk fight, one of the displacer beasts is killed and the other runs away. White(staff) decides to chase the wounded one, and catches up to it on the roof of the house. Eventually it breaks from Whitestaff, and Kirk finishes it off with a thrown axe.

Kirk sees that there was some sort of fight in the house, but there are no signs of any bodies. Jasper tells Motte to put out the fire in the barn, but Lagran handles it with prestidigitation. In the loft of the barn, there was an orc corpse with several arrows in it.

Lagran notices that one of the goblin corpses has a stone hand with Netherese symbols on it. The other one has stone for half of its face and a shiny hematite eye. Neither corpse registers as magic.

Riverthorn remembers hearing about the Frog Tribe of goblins in the foothills, but it’s unusual for them to venture out of the foothills.

Kirk finds some tracks that suggest a small warband attacked the farm and dragged a few people off. We decide to track the goblins to a cave in the foothills. White(staff) saw that the goblins had various stone bits, but didn’t see any humans.

The goblins have a Netherese temple in good order. White(staff) finds a goblin embedded in the wall. Also, the kitchen has no indications that these goblins eat humans.

We start our preparations to enter the goblin caves and look for the missing Bruckmans.

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