West Marches

The Demon Came Down to Bridgetown (1800 xp)

An Interlude from Chip

Now that the orc horde has broken, Bridgetown has finally received reinforcements from Ulster. They’ve almost doubled the town’s population, including building a new temple (although the locals are still going to the old shrine).

The Baron has declared a celebration. The party is having a good time, with the exception of Cullen, who is casing the Baron. The party goes well, until a half-elven gal with an enchanted fiddle sends everyone into various types of madness. Someone manages to snap us out of it with a yell. Unfortunately, most of the celebrants are still being driven violently crazy.

We briefly see a vision of the Abyss superimposed over the fiddler, and the demon lord of madness. After it fades, the fiddler is enraged, but Aela and Cullen take her down. Once she falls, we hear a ghastly demonic roar. Once it fades, the madness lifts, and the other celebrants start to apologize.

A tall elf, Melindra, claims to want the fiddle in order to destroy it. Melindra is the name of a handmaiden of the elven gods. She desires to hire us to destroy the fiddle. Apparently, there is a temple to the demon a few miles away in the underdark where the fiddle’s dark essence will be sent back to the Abyss.

Since Melindra didn’t have a map to the temple, we decide to ask the Spider Druid of Mt. Rusk, who was at the party, if he could give us some directions.

In the morning, the fiddle has corrupted Cullen’s bag of holding. It now has teeth and has spit up all of her gear, save for her voodoo doll and the fiddle itself. It tried to eat Temic.

We end up checking the Baron’s manor. There are no guards, and we hear the faint sound of music. Either the music summoned umber hulks, or the music changed the guards into umber hulks. The baron and his wife are also there. Cullen’s voodoo doll is playing the fiddle. Eventually, we destroy the voodoo doll and umber hulks. Temic revives the Baron.

We end up getting a deep gnome from town to guide us into the Underdark. We get the magic out of the fiddle, but the Abyss waves over us and steals our deep gnome guide.

Character Roster


  • Bag of Devouring (worth 2k gp)
  • Everyone gets a +1 weapon or an appropriate uncommon magic item



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