West Marches

The Riddle of the Sphinx's Ghost, Part I (910 xp)

We’re all chilling in the Ram when the baron’s steward storms in and demands everyone patrol for the growing orc threat. Amazingly, no one decides to wear the man’s entrails for garters given the terrible weather outside. Jasper points out that he’s technically a visiting noble, but then the steward reminds him that the baron has money. At that point, the steward asks the party to head down towards the Wasteland to surveil the coming orc horde.

We are offered our usual rate, plus pre-warmed clothes when we get back. We are also told that starting out in the morning after it stops raining is acceptable. Tranquility is using the hat of disguise to appear human. Ehlonna introduces herself to Jasper over the possibility of a game of whist.

The next morning, it’s still drizzly and miserable. We have a couple of days of soggy travelling. In the early hours of the third morning, Jasper and Ehlonna hear something/one (possibly large) heading towards the camp from three directions. Ehlonna’s excellent darkvision shows her an orc crashing through the underbrush, so she attempts to blast it, then draws her sword and hides. A second orc comes out and throws a javelin at Jasper. Ziya turns into a dire wolf and bites it. Then an ogre comes crashing through the woods from the third direction.

We kill all but one orc, who Jasper ties to a tree before breakfast. This orc is from the Short Tooth tribe, which has been driven towards the “better hunting” in the human lands due to a “dragon.” After we get our information, Ehlonna kills him.

A couple of days later, a sphinx ghost shows up and asks us a riddle.

What is half a dragon, but has not a wyrmling’s strength?
What is half a canine, but has not a mongrel’s length?
What is it that is of two halves, but has half to stand on?

The answer was kobold. The sphinx’s ghost, Ujasett, tells us where his lair is and says we can have all his treasure if we avenge his murder by the kobolds that have taken it over. It is a bit further in the wastelands.

On our way to the specified location, we happen upon a wyvern enjoying a meal. It takes exception to our presence and tries to eat us. The spellslingers drive it off, but Ehlonna decides to kill it instead.

Close to the sphinx’s cave, we decide to camp for the night. Kobolds decide to drop rocks on us. They almost kill Motte, and Jasper loses it. We drive them off, then set up a new camp a bit further away. We manage to get some rest in before heading to the cave, which turns out to be sentient-made.

In the entrance, we find a kobold hiding under some blankets. He had little nubby unformed wings, while the ones who attacked us before had actual wings. Jallask the kobold says that his Black Spear tribe are the fiercest kobolds in the land, and their Opal (a caster, we presume) took down the sphinx. We decide to keep him with us; we don’t want to leave him at our backs, but he’s too pathetic to kill. We start heading into the cave, which Jasper determines to be an old dwarven steading. He sees runes that say, “Fill the furrows of our gods and enter.”

We decided to enter after Ziya webbed up the kobold hole (he was a giant spider at the time). We continued on through the dwarven tunnels past illusory floors and locked door. After bashing the last door in (for an hour or so), we found the rest of the completely unsurprised kobolds and their dire weasel companions. The weasels did not help them.


  • 2220 copper
  • 100 gold
  • Bag of holding
  • 2 healing potions
  • 5lbs of cloves
  • 10lbs of flour
  • 3lbs of cinnamon
  • mason’s tools
  • dice set
  • 2 shovels
  • crowbar
  • 3 hunting traps
  • breastplate
  • 2 water buckets
  • 2 pots

Party Roster



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