West Marches

Ulster Conclave, Part II (4800 xp)

We open on Anne’s goodwill trip to the hospital. Riverthorn, Lark, and Kirk are with her; Ehlonna and Jasper are heading that way.

Lagran stays with Girard’s party, but they also head towards the burned ward. Lagran notices that Kestrel is nervous, so she chats the girl up to find out why. Kestrel tries to pass it off as a mere dislike for politics… badly. Girard tells his party to hurry up and takes them on an intercept course for Anne’s route. Lagran drops the pretense and asks Girard what’s up; he admits that he has reason to believe that Anne will be attacked and wants to be the one to save the day.

Ehlonna catches up with Anne’s group just in time to see a bunch of thugs attempt an ambush. There were two groups of thugs, and a wizard somewhere. The first group of thugs was dispatched within seconds. Lagran hit the second group (and Ehlonna) with a confuse spell.

We murder three groups of bandits, take down the fanatical spell-slinger that led them, and Girard’s group teleports the princess out of there without either Lagran or his half-orc buddy. The half-orc admits that Girard’s intention was to abduct the princess back to his own lands to “convince” her to marry him. Before the Vecna symbol incinerates the caster, she lets slip that her intention was not to kill the princess. Girard must be working with the Vecnoids.

(Previously, Girard had gone into hell for some paladin mission or another; he came back changed.)

While we rest and find a mage to take us to Girard’s lands, the half-orc says that he blames Girard’s confessor for the plan; apparently after the priest healed his missing hand, Girard’s personality changed. The priest and squire are definitely baddies. Kestrel and the other one probably aren’t. Girard is probably a baddy, but might be okay after we kill the priest. The carcosan ambassador loans us her indentured mage, because they had given Girard documents which produce a Ceremony ritual that can be cast on an unwilling person.

We teleport, and unfortunately Girard’s company has active brain cells; there’s a cage around the circle and a bunch of guys hidden in the unhallowed Netherese temple nearby. The guards open fire. Kirk blows the cage out with his Ring of the Ram.

The Hand of Vecna turned Girard evil. He tried to kill Anne after Ehlonna killed the priest, but hit Kestrel instead. This drove him nuts, and he felled Jasper. He was killed shortly after.

Anne was crowned queen. The half-orc and Kestrel got leniency (though the half-orc has to turn himself in to get it). The rest of Girard’s former retinue has been declared outlaw.


  • Hand of Vecna
  • 1200 gp
  • Sunblade (Ehlonna)
  • Javelin of lightning (Kirk)
  • Goggles of the Night (Kaimi, via Lagran)
  • Amulet of Nondetection (Lark)
  • Adamant Breastplate (Ehlonna)
  • Staff of Withering, intelligent, devoted to Vecna (destroyed)
  • Great Axe of Giant Killing (Kirk)
  • Royal Charter making our adventuring company a guild (also maybe land)



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